The Out of Town Storage People

Our Large Item storage facilities are ideal for all kinds of larger items.
We have the facilities to meet your needs, whether you are storing:

  • a classic car, or other precious vehicle, and require secure storage
  • commercial, or oversized, stock
  • large items of furniture, when relocating
  • hobby-related items such as costumes

About Us

For larger items we offer Dry, Secure Steel Clad Sheds. These are capable of storing items such as boats, cars, caravans, lorries, buses, furniture and smaller items on pallets. Our rental terms are negotiable depending upon size of item and duration. However, we do encourage longer term storage with a minimum rental period 1 month. For oversized items we also offer an External Storage facility available.

All items are stored on a Self Store basis with 24/7 access by arrangement only. All our Sheds are insured against fire and other damage making insurance of all stored items the responsibility of the owner, i.e. Goods stored MUST be self-insured

About Us
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